Bazaruto Archipelago

Mozambique at a glance

Continent Africa
Neighbouring Countries Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa & Swaziland
Ocean Indian Ocean
Capitol Maputo
Language Portugese and a rich variety of local languages
Religion African traditions, Christianity, Islamic, Hindu and Moslem
Climate Tropical
Currency Mozambican Metical (Mtn)
Dialing code +258
Area 799 380 km2
Population approximately around 20 million
Independence Date 25 June 1975


The first residents of Mozambique were the Bantu speaking people. They migrated through the ZambeziRiverValley from the north and west, and they gradually moved to the plateau and coastal areas. Their lives were based on cattle herding and they built their communities based on this. The settlements were not very sturdy and today there are very few remains of their settlements.

Swahili and Arab settlements existed for many centuries along the coast and outlying islands. This brought in trade with Madagascar and the Far East.

The Portuguese achieved control in the early 16thcentury. This was largely due to the voyage of Vasco da Gama around the Cape of Good Hope, on the Indian Ocean in 1498, which marked the Portuguese entry into trade. The Portuguese gradually expanded their power over the country.

During the 19th century British companies became increasingly involved in trade as well as the politics. By the 20thcentury there were large private companies namely the Mozambique Company, Zambezia Company and Niassa Company, which were controlled and financed by Britain. These companies were responsible for establishing the railroads to neighboring countries.

In September 1964, The Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO) began a guerilla war against the Portuguese rule. This conflict became part of the Portuguese Colonial War (1961 – 1974). After over 10 years of warfare FRELIMO gained control of the country.  Samora Machel was elected the president of the new government. Shortly after the country had gained independence, it was overwhelmed from 1977 to 1992 by a long and violent civil war between the RENAMO rebel’s armed force and the FRELIMO government.  Machel’s successor was Joaquim Chissano. He had big changes in store and started began peace talks with RENAMO. The civil war ended in October 1992. By 1993 more then 1.5 million refugees from Mozambique returned to the country. 


Mozambique’s official currency is the New Metical as from March 2011. It has replaced the old Metical at the rate of one thousand to one. US dollars, South African Rand (mainly in southern Mozambique) and in some places the Euro are accepted and used in business.  Credit cards are accepted as most hotels and restaurants.. 


Mozambique is situated in Africa on the southeast coastline. It is the 35th largest country in the world. Tanzania is north of the country while Zambia and Malawi are northwest, Zimbabwe is west, South Africa is to the southwest and Swaziland is south of the country. To the east you will find the Indian Ocean, which is known for its warm waters. The white sandy beaches are studded with palm trees and the dunes seem to go on forever. Mozambique is very unique as it has beautiful beaches on one side, wilderness, rolling mountains and forest on the other from the Great Rift Valley.

There are two different topographical regions which are separated by the ZambeziRiver. To the north of the river the narrow coastline moves inland to low plateaus and hills. Further west the landscape changes to rugged highlands which include the Niassa highlands, Namuli highlands, Angonia highlands, Tete highlands and the Makonde plateau which is covered with miombo woodlands. To the south you will find the lowlands are wider with the Mashonaland plateau and the Lebombo mountains. 


Mozambique has a tropical climate. The Equator being close by, allows for hot and humid days. Winter days in Maputo are an average of 24oC (75.2oF), so for many people even though it is winter, they can still enjoy time on the beaches. The wet season is from October to March and the dry season is April to September. Along the coast rainfall is heavy. Mozambique is affected by cyclones in the wet season, which form in the Mozambican Channel. 

Public Transport

The public transport in Mozambiqueis not recommended for travellers.  The busses or chappas do not run according to any fixed schedules and the arrival times can therefore vary by several hours.  it is advised that you rent a car or use the transport that lodges and hotels supply for transfers. There is a train that operates three times a week from Johannesburg to Maputoand it stops in Nelspruit and Komatipoort. Buses only operate in the major towns where the road conditions are good. 


The combination of the civil war and flooding has left the roads in a poor condition. However, a lot of work has already gone into the upgrading of the road infrastructure especially in major towns and on main routes.  It is therefore possible to self drive in Mozambique - especially in the southern section of the country from Maputo to Vilanculos. 

There are parts of Mozambique that are only accessible by 4x4.

The biggest hazards are the potholes in the roads.  Other things to look out for are vehicles without lights driving at night, livestock crossing the roads and pedestrians. For ecological reasons driving on the dunes of beaches is not allowed.

We do not recommend any driving after dark in Mozambique.  It is important to always remain on the main roads and not to deviate off the route descriptions given. 


Malaria is present in Mozambique due to its tropical climate, large amounts of rainfall, regular high temperatures along with high humidity and stagnant water. The disease is caused by the bite of an Anopheles mosquito, only the female mosquito is the carrier of the disease. The disease is a result of the growth of malaria parasites that enter the body and head straight for the liver. Two weeks later they invade the person’s red blood cells. It is very serious and needs medical attention.

It is important that all travellers to Mozambique visit their local travel clinic or health professional before traveling.  Full and comprehensive Travel Insurance is highly recommended. 

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Travel Access Options

By Air

Mozambique’s main destinations of Maputo, Inhambane, Bazaruto Archipelago, Gorongosa National Park, Ilha de Mozambique and the Quirimbas Archipelago can be accessed by air with LAM – the national carrier of Mozambique. The airline offers domestic flights as well as international flights, connecting Mozambique with Johannesburg (South Africa) and Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) in order to facilitate connecting flights to Europe and the rest of the world. There are regular direct flights between Johannesburg and either Maputo, Inhambane, Vilanculos and Pemba with LAM. LAM is also the only airline that offers domestic flights within Mozambique between the various towns and cities.  E tickets are issued for LAM flights.

Alternatively, the South African airline Airlink also offers regular direct flights from Johannesburg to Vilanculos, Beira, Nampula and Pemba. The Airlink flights are direct flights with no stop overs whereas the LAM flights between Johannesburg and Pemba may stop over in Maputo for customs and immigration procedures.  E tickets are issued for Airlink flights.

Luggage restrictions on both LAM and Airlink are 20 kg per person.  Allowances are made for sporting and diving equipment, please reconfirm the details with your Mozambique Voyages consultant at time of booking.  

IMG00140-20110306-1059Visas can be secured at all main airports in Mozambique but this is not gauranteed as new legislation requires all travellers coming from a home country with an embassy or consulate to secure their visas prior to arrival.. We therefore strongly recommend that guests always try to arrange their required visas in advance.  The process in Mozambique can be a very long and time consuming one resulting in delays in the onward journey.  Passports need to be valid for at least six months after departure from Mozambique and have at least two blank pages in them.  Travelers should be able to show they are bona fida tourists with return flight tickets and confirmed hotel bookings.  The costs of the visa range from USD 82 - 100 and is subject to the exchange rate of the day.  Visas should be paid in cash as credit card facilities are often not available. 

Island properties and remote game lodge destinations are normally all accessed by a light aircraft transfer flights. There is a strict luggage restriction on these flights with the general rule being a maximum of 15 kg per person, including hand luggage, packed in soft luggage only. Hard cases may not be accepted and additional or overweight luggage will only be taken at the discretion of the pilot. A charge will be applicable for overweight luggage and luggage may only arrive on a secondary flight when available.

Mozambique Voyages can gladly assist with any of the required flight bookings, please contact us


By Road

Mozambique can be accessed by road from South Africa by crossing the Komatipoort / Ressano Garcia border post or alternatively the Kosi Bay border post. Kindly note that border crossings can either be a quick or a long and tedious process, with the later normally being the norm. Enough time should therefore be allowed when a border crossing is included in the day’s itinerary. The road from South Africa to Maputo, via the Komatipoort / Ressano Garcia border post, is a well maintained tarred road. The main roads in Mozambique, from Maputo up to Beira, are generally in a good condition but there are still sections that are marred by potholes and care should always be taken when driving. Sand / dirt or gravel roads should only be attempted by 4x4 vehicles unless the road is well maintained. The road network in the southern part of Mozambique, from Maputo down to Ponta do Ouro, is mainly sand roads and therefore not accessible by normal sedan vehicles – a 4x4 drive vehicle is essential.General_-_bridge_to_Ilha_de_Mozambique

A third border crossing into Mozambique from South African is the Giriyondo border post. This border crossing connects the Kruger National Park with the Great Limpopo Transfrontier National Park. The border post is generally a lot quieter than the other border posts. It is ideally suited to self drive travelers exploring Kruger and the Transfrontier Park before travelling through to the beaches of Mozambique. Giriyondo border post operates on different hours and attention should be give to this to allow for sufficient time to arrive at the border, finalize all required procedures and then still travel onto the next destination before nightfall.

We strongly advise against driving at night in Mozambique. Special attention and care should always be given to farm and / or domestic animals as these are not always fenced in and may wander across the road without notice. Quite a few roads pass through the center of small towns and villages as well. Abiding by the traffic laws and not speeding is important.  Clients who do decide to self drive should always remain on the main roads and not divert of the indicated routing.

Visas can be secured at the border posts to Mozambique but again this is not gauranteed so best to obtain visas upfront before traveling.

Mozambique Voyages can gladly assist with arranging road transfers or car rental requirements, please contact us


Book Locally

Mozambique Voyages is a wholesale Inbound Tour Operator who has long standing working relationships with Tour Operators in several countries, industry leaders in their respective areas. Kindly contact one of our preferred partners in order to book your Mozambique holiday locally in your own country. 





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Thika Travel België

Wie op zoek is naar héél bijzondere reizen naar bijzondere bestemmingen is bij Thika Travel aanNieuwste-ThikaTravel-Logo-n het goede adres. Want reizen met Thika Travel betekent vooral ervaren en beleven. Kiezen voor iets speciaals, kleinschaligheid en exclusiviteit. Dat is bij Thika niet automatisch synoniem voor luxe: het is de bijzondere belevenis die we met u willen delen. Mozambique is uitstekend te combineren met een échte safarireis in bijvoorbeeld Tanzania of Zuid Afrika. Welke bestemming u ook kiest, het moet úw reis worden. De experts van Thika Travel adviseren u hierbij graag.

Telephone: 03 451 1400

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Nederland Telephone: 0346 242 526
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 The Netherlands

 All Over Tours

All Over Tours is dé specialist (sinds 1992) in exclusieve reizen op maat naar Afrika en de AllOverToursGrootIndische Oceaan eilanden. Onze kracht ligt in de brede kennis van onze bestemmingen en bijzondere, kleinschalige accommodaties.  Wij zijn het volledig eens met de stelling van een goede makelaar: het gaat écht om locatie. Bij het samenstellen van uw droomreis op maat zullen wij er alles aan doen om u tijdens uw vakantie de mooiste locaties te laten zien. En om u in de fraaist gelegen, persoonlijk geselecteerde en uitgeprobeerde accommodaties te laten verblijven. Waar "Service" nog met een hoofdletter geschreven wordt en waar de eigenaren er genoegen in scheppen u een geweldige vakantiebeleving te bezorgen, waarvan u nog jaren zult nagenieten 

Telephone: +31 7133 19034    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Website:


Jambo Safari Club

Jambo_logoJambo Safari Club is al ruim 30 jaar op de Nederlandse markt actief als Afrika-specialist. Wij bieden hoofdzakelijk individuele reizen aan die geheel op uw wensen zijn afgestemd. Een team van ervaren Afrika-experts staat voor u klaar met adviezen om uw reiswensen tot een aantrekkelijk en logisch geheel te smeden. Op uw verzoek stellen wij geheel vrijblijvend een  reisvoorstel voor u samen.

Telephone: 020 201 2740

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Montys Travel Service & Cruises

montys_cruisetarieven_logoMontys Travel Service & Cruises is een allround reisbureau en reisorganisatie met specialisaties op een aantal specifieke bestemmingen. Tot deze bestemmingen behoren onder meer de landen Zuid-Afrika, Namibië en Mozambique. Deze bestemmingen lenen zich bij uitstek voor maatwerkreizen welke aan de hand van uw persoonlijke wensen en voorkeuren worden samengesteld. Bezoek onze website ( en laat u inspireren door onze voorbeeldreizen.

Telephone: +31 23 532 8255
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                            Website:


QAS holidays

QasQAS holidays is een zelfstandige Nederlandse touroperator, exclusief gericht op Afrika, Australië, Nieuw-Zeeland en de Pacific. Wij verkopen gevarieerde reizen. Ons vakmanschap zit in een gedegen netwerk van solide Afrikaanse contacten, een grote passie voor het continent en ervaring met onze producten. UW REIS, ONZE KENNIS! 

Telephone:        +31 (0)20 - 683 80 81
Mail:                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Zuid Afrika Online

Combineer safari, cultuur en bourgondische belevenissen van Zuid-Afrika met relaxen aan relatief onbekende tropische stranden in Mozambique. Vanuit je bungalow wandel je zo het hagelwitte strand op, klaar om een duik te nemen in het azuurblauwe water van de Indische oceaan. Stel je eigen reis samen met onze bouwstenen in Zuid-Afrika in Mozambique, of kies voor onze avontuurlijke optie: vanuit je 4x4 met daktent wakker worden door het geluid van brullende leeuwen in het Krugerpark en vervolgens uitrusten en snorkelen in de tropische zee. De reisspecialisten van Zuid-Afrika online helpen je graag met het samenstellen van jouw ideale reis.



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Dive Worldwide

Diving-holidays-Worldwide-logostrapline-150x100Dive Worldwide provide the ultimate scuba-diving holidays - Wreck diving, reef diving, shark diving from resorts and live-aboard holidays.  Destinations includeGalapagos,Micronesia,Maldives, Africa,Papua New Guinea,Truk,Oman,Solomon Islands,Canada,Seychelles,Costa Rica,Australia and more. 

Telephone: 0845 130 6980 or +44 1962 737639
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Imagine Africa

Safari and beach specialists with one of the most comprehensive Mozambique programmes in the UK. On and off the beaten track – we know all the luxury lodges, bush camps and beach hotels.

Telephone: 0207 622 5114


2 by 2 Holidays

2 by 2 Holidays is an award winning tour operator specialising in Southern & East Africa, offering outstandingNew_logo_low-res value safari packages, self-drive holidays and group tours.

We have a very high percentage of repeat customers, and have built our reputation over many years by offering unique safari holidays and experiences - both to the highlights of each region, as well as to many lesser known destinations. So why not combine your own ideas with our local knowledge and excellent prices, and let us help you create a safari holiday of a lifetime!

All our holidays are fully financially protected

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..ukTelephone">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     Telephone: +44 (0)1582 766122




Il Viaggio Journeys & Voyages

Il Viaggio Journeys & Voyages nasce nel 1977 grazie ad Anna Moroni, allora proprietaria del t.o. Meltour Holidays che, nel 1983, acquisisce Il Viaggio. Da sempre specializzato sulla Turchia e Cipro del Nord, nel 1998 Il Viaggio inizia la programmazione Africa Australe, grazie all’ingresso di Ico Inanc     , grande appassionato ed esperto di Africa. Nel 2003 la programmazione si amplia con Kenya e Tanzania, Golfo e Oman. Nello stesso anno viene pubblicato il catalogo monografico dedicato al Mozambico, destinazione proposta, per la prima volta in Italia, da Il Viaggio nel 1998. La mission de Il Viaggio è proporre viaggi e non vacanze, prodotti di alta qualità, riservando un’attenzione particolare al cliente: il core business sono, infatti, i viaggi tailor made, con itinerari insoliti, sistemazioni di alto livello e servizio personalizzato. Dedicato a chi desidera vivere delle esperienze, a chi è alla ricerca di emozioni e vuole vivere viaggi avventurosi senza rinunciare alla comodità.

Telephoned: +39 0266982915
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Scirocco ToursScirocco_Tours

Grazie al nostro immenso amore per il continente africano, siamo un Tour Operator specializzato sull’Africa Australe dal 1995 ed il Mozambico era già da allora una delle nostre mete preferite per il suo particolare connubio fra cultura, storia e spiagge paradisiache. Proponiamo pacchetti su misura per soddisfare tutte le possibili esigenze della nostra clientela, spaziando dai tour culturali ai safari, dai soggiorni mare ad itinerari self-drive, sempre con particolareggiata cura dei minimi dettagli ed un alto livello di servizi offerti. Oltre Africa Australe ed Africa Orientale (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Etiopia) le nostre mete sone: India, Australia, Nuova Zelanda, Polinesia e Sud Pacifico.

Telephone: (+39) 0234 7870

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Viajes Terral

Copia_de_Cicma1643MMViajes Terral es una agencia especializada en viajes a medida, a partir de dos personas o en grupos reducidos. Porque pensamos que cada uno tiene que hacer el viaje que quiere, tiene que vivir las experiencias que vaya buscando. Conocemos a fondo el Sur de África: de Namibia a Mozambique y podemos organizar el viaje a esta zona con el que estás soñando.


Telephone: +34 91 445 8829 / +37 93 441 0178
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Voyageurs du Monde

Vous pouvez réserver auprès de Voyageurs du Monde qui propose des séjours sur mesure au Mozambique. Avec les conseils avisés de nos spécialistes dont certains sont mozambicains, basés à Paris, Bruxelles et dans 15 grandes villes françaises, vous pourrez choisir votre Mozambique : du petit hébergement de charme à la structure hôtelière très raffinée, des petites iles des archipels aux petits hôtels pour les plongeurs.

Telephone :
Website :


Terres de Charme, une collection de voyages singuliers.

Terres de charme se distingue par son exigence de rareté, ses rythmes étudiés et son gout immodéré pour le raffinement qui font du charme, le vrai luxe du voyage.   Terres de Charme s'est intéressé à des ambiances balnéaires de qualité sur la cote du Mozambique ou dans ses archipels (Quirimbas et Bazaruto) qu'il est possible de combiner, sur mesure, avec d'autres pays d'Afrique australe.  Pour en savoir plus
Tél. 00 33 1 55 42 74 10

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 United States of America

Immersion Journeys

Immersion Journeys is a New York (USA) based company providing tours and other travel related programs to the US market. We focus on custom designed tours to southern, east and west Africa. Founded by East Africans, Immersion Journeys was built on the foundation that every traveler experiences the destination. At Immersion Journeys, the team members are either from one of the host nations we service or have travelled extensively and regularly to the destinations. Our emphasis is to ensure that the experience remains authentic – it should be as close to a coming home for you as it would be for us.  IJ_Logo_in_JPEG

We ensure a personal touch for every itinerary, by working individually with each of our clients, recognizing that each traveler – individual or group – has a specific agenda. For any traveler today, the choice of where to go and which travel company to use is unlimited and varied.

very travel company offers their best and brightest however at Immersion Journeys, we let the client be the judge of our strength…

Telephone: +1-917-686-2620

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Reefs to Rockies

Reefs to Rockies, LLC specializes in designing unique itineraries to adventurous locations made famous by their spectacular flora and fauna. The founders of Reefs to Rockies believe that traveling to diverse destinations is a process of discovery, and that amazing lessons are waiting to be learned.  The company is committed to promoting conservation through sustainable tourism.


Telephone: 001.303.860.6045 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Wild Safari Africa

WSA_LogoWild Safari Africa is a tour specialist who believes in the discovery of health, culture, nature, and adventure; with a focus on southern African destinations.  Experience the magical cultures, majestic wildlife, and open vast lands, found only in southern Africa.

Telephone: 1-720-272-0828
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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