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"This is adventure safari travel at its best!"


This activity is a combination of a dhow safari with sea kayaking and enables you to go sailing up wide coastal river mouths packed with red listed bird species and unspoiled mangrove forests, all over the Quirimbas Archipelago. This is the ultimate activity for adventurers. Snorkel off empty white sandbanks into azure waters and nap in portable Eco fly camps on unpopulated tropical islands.dhow3

Go sailing in tranquil, peaceful, flawless and turquoise water with white traditional dhow sails to break up the endless view on the horizon.Pick between a Dhow, kayak or dive safari – or a combo of everything. These safaris are run by a pro guide who is very knowledgeable and highly experienced in these waters, and travel on a stunning 12 meter dhow built to Arab designs with Mozambican skipper, crew and chef on board. A team to whip up seafood extravaganzas around the camp fire is also there!    

dhow kaya2The crew is able to conjure up fresh seafood and traditional cuisine over an open fire under the beautiful starry African night skies on a deserted island.  

Ibo Island Lodge has been involved actively in northern Mozambique and Ibo Island for more than 19 years and with this knowledge the lodge is able to offer a truthfully exceptional island hopping experience for those seeking a relaxing time out on a beautiful tropical island and cultural exploration. 

Guests on a quest have the option of piecing together scheduled departures or tailor making their own explorations.The standard itinerary includes 4 nights island hopping by dhow or kayak and 3 nights on land at the Ibo Island Lodge. These trips are ideal for families or groups of friends! 


There are 32 beautiful tropical islands to explore, incredible diving and snorkelling in one of the last remote parts of the Southern African seashore. 

The following is all included: 

  • Tailor made or scheduled departures
  • Brilliant sea kayaking conditions
  • Paddle fiberglass kayaks
  • Up to 20 paddlers
  • Fully supported by dhow and crew
  • Expedition paddling trips available
  • You design your itinerary
  • Crew/boat at your disposal
  • Island hopping & explore tropical bliss 
  • Stunning snorkelling over untouched corals.
  • Combine with sea kayaking and dhow sailing
  • Red listed bird species and mangrove forests
  • 12 meter dhow with pro guide and crew 
  • Eco mobile camps on islands and beaches 
  • Fresh seafood and island cuisine 
  • All safaris include a stay at Ibo Island Lodge 
  • Can combine with other lodges


Mozambique Horse Safaris

How about exploring Vilanculos and the surrounding area on a horseback?!

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One should definitely not miss out on this activity which is rated as the number one activity to do in the area on Trip Advisor.  

You will spend time with Pat & Mandy Retzlaff who are passionate about their horses and the Mozambican coastline.

They enjoy sharing stories and experiences and will be able to tell you many interesting stories about Mozambique Horse Safari, which has quite a moving history as their horses were rescued from several different Zimbabwean farms during the land-grabs.

Mandy Retzlaff’s book ‘104 Horses’ is an International bestseller. 

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Ride along beautiful picturesque white sandy beaches with warm sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean. This experience will definitely be unforgettable. 

The riding holiday is tranquil and in keeping with the calmness of the surroundings. The itineraries are flexible and especially adapted to your length of stay.

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Several different packages are available. One of them is the five day African Paradise package, which includes many opportunities to explore the stunning area including beaches, clip top views, mangrove shorelines, pristine dune bush and a lot more on horseback and by boat.

Furthermore non-riding excursions are also included like visiting a local fishing market or the pulsating city market.

There are several different lodges and restaurants in Vilanculos- a holiday destination which can be described as a magnificent tropical retreat.

Please contact us for more information, rates and details should you be interested in this unique experience!

Please note that:

  • Horseback riding is a physical activity and all riders have to be able to mount and dismount without help and ride for five kilometers
  • Participants will have to be able to on a horse for approximately an hour
  • All participants have to be sober


Bazaruto Island Dhow Day Trip

Dhow Safari Vilanculos - Sail and BazarutoDhows have been the main form of sea vessel in Mozambique for hundreds of years.  Following construction processes originally perfected by the Arab shipwrights of years gone by, dhows can be found all along the coast of Mozambique.  Used daily by local fishermen, they are also used to connect islands with the main land, transferring goods and people. 

Enjoying an cruise in a traditional dhow is an iconic Mozambique activity.  One of the most popular options is an island safari by dhow from Vilanculos to the nearby Bazaruto Archipelago islands.  It is a great option for visitors that are staying on the mainland but would also like to experience the islands for a day.  The dhow departs early morning (around 08:00) and generally returns to Vilanculos at 14:00 in the afternoon.  Enjoy a day of snorkeling and swimming whilst your crew prepare a delicious rustic seafood lunch on the beach. 

The safari also includes snacks on route, refreshments and snorkeling equipment. Please take note that for 2017, park entry fees are excluded, these need to be paid directly by clients in Meticais.

Note this is a rustic, adventurous activity.  The dhows are all built following traditional methods passed down over the years.  The vessels tend to be multi colored with sails sewn together from many different materials.  It is not uncommon to find some water in the bottom of a dhow.

Important Notes by the Operator:Dhow Safari Vilanculos - crew
  • Please bear in mind that our safaris are for the adventurous spirit. Rest assured that we will try to make your safari as comfortable as possible.
  • The islands are a malarial area, so take precautions.  Bring a basic first aid kit with you. If prone to seasickness, bring medication with you. If you have any food allergies please tell us beforehand, as the islands are a long way from a hospital.
  • There are some rules of the sea: No excessive consumption of alcohol whilst under sail, and do not jump off the dhow without permission from the crew, as there are often strong currents. We provide snorkeling equipment, but if you need corrective lenses, please bring your own mask. Wear a t-shirt whilst snorkelling in summer.
  • Listen to the advice from the tour translator. The Sailaway crew are very experienced, and the captain’s decision on the safari route is final. If the weather takes a turn for the worse during your safari, and you need to return to Vilanculos urgently, speedboats can be hired for approximately US$200 from various operators in the area. Sailaway will not bear this cost.
  • Weather and wind conditions affect the trip itinerary. The dhow is an open boat however, so if it rains – you will get wet. On safari, the captain will invariably need to make use of the auxiliary motor to ensure arrival in good time at various destinations on route. This is due to a lack of wind, often in the early morning, or wind blowing in the wrong direction. Sailaway cannot guarantee arrival at all of the islands or reefs, however every attempt will be made to ensure the trip is as inclusive as possible.

Vilanculos Canoe Trails

Vilanculos Canoe Safari 6

Did you know that Vilanculos has a lot more to offer than beautiful relaxing beaches? There is so much to do than just lie in the sun on the stunning beach or by the pool and enjoy the view or sip on a cocktail. How about going on a canoe safari with Jay who will be your guide for the day. He is very knowledgeable about the birds and surrounding flora and fauna and will be able to explain a lot about the environment. 

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  • He will pick you up from your Resort/Accommodation and transfer you 25km to the Vilanculos Wetlands where you will arrive and start the tour for approximately 2 hours.
  • Refreshments and a snacks will be available whilst on the tour as well as drinking water. All included in the price.
  • Once you get back from your canoeing trip and exploring the waterways, he will take you back to your resort.
  • This activity is definitely a nice way to add some diversity to your typical Vilanculos beach holiday. A completely different side of the destination will open up to you, full of beautiful birds, waterlillies, fireflies and a lot more 

 canoe trails


Luxury Power Boat Mayara Excursions


"Explore the islands in comfort and style!"


For anyone who is keen to explore the islands of Bazaruto Archipelago National Park in comfort and style, Bahia Mar is now offering excursions on the Mayara luxury Power Boat. This stylish power boat sleeps four in complete comfort and goes together with either a 2.5 m tender boat or a 6 m rubber duck. Visitors are given the opportunity to rent the boat for a whole day or book for day excursions and/or sunset trips. With the power boat you can explore the islands, discover the coast to the fullest, snorkel along the reef or go on a sunset cruise in the bay and watch the whales in the warm waters.

  • The day rental includes snorkeling equipment as well anything for water sports activities such as wake-boarding, tube rides and water skiing.
  • The day excursions can either be booked to Bazaruto Island or Santa Carolina (Paradise Island) and includes National Park fees, snorkeling equipment, water skiing and/or wake-boarding, fruits and snacks during the day, a seafood lunch and a picnic set up on one of the islands.  
  • The Sunset Trips include small snacks.


Drinks are available on all trips and charged according to the bar price list. 





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