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Adding a Property Tutorial

This four part tutorial shows how to add a property page to Mozambique Voyages. Please view all videos in their entirety before attempting to add a property page. A very complex, technical series of steps is required.

Part I: Preparing File System and Images

Part II: Using the Activities DataFile to Generate Code

Note that you can download the spreadsheet shown in this video here

Part III: Adding the Page and Incorporating it Into the Menu

Part IV: Adding the Right Hand Column to the Property Page

Anchors Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to add anchors to a document so that a visitor will be able to navigate to different to a web page.

Adding Anchors Setup


Adding Anchors Video Tutorial

Adding a PDF Document to a web page

This tutorial shows how to Add a document (in this case a .pdf) to a web page.

Adding a .pdf document Setup

Have a .pdf document ready for upload somewhere on your local computer.

Adding a .pdf Document Video Tutorial

Backup Tutorial

This tutorial shows how nightly backups are performed. It also shows the user how to do a backup separate from the methods provided by the web host.

Backup Setup

In order to perform a backup, you'll need to be able to log into the control panel at webhost4africa.

Backup Video Tutorial

Editing Existing Articles and Blog

This tutorial shows you how to edit existing articles and blogs

Specifically, the tutorial provides information on:

  • Uploading images
  • Publishing/unpublishing content (you should always publish normal web pages - in some cases you may wish not to publish a blog entry)

Editing Setup

  • If you want to upload images, have them sized to less than 600px wide

Editing Tutorial Video


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