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Mozambique Voyages provides travelers an unprecedented level of access and specialization for travel to Mozambique. The company is a new division of Uitkyk Holidays, a safari company specializing in the whole of Southern Africa. Having been in operation for twelve years, Uitkyk Holidays was increasingly specializing in providing full ground handling services specifically for Mozambique as a destination, and as a result of the volume of business in Mozambique was able to offer the best rates and most up to date product knowledge in this destination. The decision to create Mozambique Voyages as a separate company was an obvious move for 2010. Uitkyk Holidays will still continue to market, sell and package itineraries and tours in Southern Africa countries including South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

"Mozambique is perhaps the most exciting destination on the African continent at the moment," explains Martijn Mellaart, owner of Mozambique Voyages. "While we’ve always had spectacular Indian Ocean beaches on offer, in the last few years we’ve seen many new, small, eco-friendly and intriguing properties open along the coast catering to an upscale, international market. We also have new safari destinations across the country, and are increasingly able to offer a complete Africa safari experience for travelers. My team spends a significant amount of time each year personally visiting all the properties in the country and seeing first hand the destinations Mozambique Voyages is selling. No other company can offer this level of first hand knowledge when it comes to Mozambique."

Mozambique Voyages Staff

Martijn MellaartMartijn

Director / Owner

Martijn Mellaart's love of Africa began at an early age. Born in Holland, but raised in West Africa in Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo, Martijn came to understand and love Africa working alongside his father, who led development work for the United Nations in these countries. After leaving the continent at the age of 18 to study marketing in Holland, Martijn was drawn to Mozambique where his father had moved. Visiting Mozambique in 1992, just after the war had ended, Martijn fell in love with the country and as they say "the rest is history!"
While the country had a long way to go after 23 years of civil war in terms of development, the warm heart of Mozambique was clear to Martijn and he become the country's original tourism pioneer, seeing the potential for this destination as a rising star in the world of African travel.
Martijn opened the doors of Uitkyk Holidays in April 1998, as an inbound tour operator for Southern Africa specializing in Mozambique and 4x4 self drives. Uitkyk was one of the first companies actively promoting Mozambique as a destination with various Dutch, French and British Operators. When not on sales trips in Europe, Martijn spent the bulk of his time traveling extensively through Mozambique, visiting all the lodges and hotels, building personal relationships with the management teams and a deep understanding of all the features and possibilities of the country.
Today, Martijn and his team at Mozambique Voyages bring you unparalleled knowledge of the destination, the best itineraries for your clients and a deep passion for Mozambique .
Zandy 2Zandile Nkambule

Travel Consultant

Zandile studied Tourism Management course, finished studying in December 2009. She was first introduced in the Tourism Industry by the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency where she did her experiential training in June 2008 as an Information Officer at the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. She joined Uitkyk Holidays / Mozambique Voyages in February 2012. She is passionate about travel, the most exciting part is organizing holidays as per clients expectations and exceeding those expectations thus having happy clients!

Tessa PotgieterTessa new

Travel Consultant

After finishing University with a degree in Tourism Management, Tessa got her start in the travel industry at a Private Game Lodge in South Africa. She then moved on to Mozambique Voyages in 2008. She visits Mozambique quite often to stay up to date with the new camps, lodges and hotels across the country.  She enjoys arranging vacations for her clients to Mozambique because it is such an exquisite country with lovely and friendly people. She would like to share with the rest of the world the joy, history and culture of Mozambique.








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