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guludo-bandaGuludo Beach Lodge, another eco-friendly star in Mozambique, is situated north of Pemba mainland in Northern Mozambique and combines luxury with sustainable operating principles.

Guludo Lodge offers two unique chalets options, being the Adobe Banda and Banda Suite.  Both feature open plan designs with high roofs and unique bathrooms, including the famous “Loo with a View.” The chalets are well ventilated, feature Hammocks and loungers, open air bathroom with solar-heated water and with mosquito nets covering the king-sized beds.  The Banda Suites are essentially two Adoba Bandas that are connected by a covered walkway.  An ideal option for families and very spacious!

Dining at Guludo Beach Lodge is based on fresh, local ingredients all cooked on-site.  Dependin on what the fishermen bring in, seafood features prominently on the menu and delivered to your table fresh from the ocean.  Guludo cuisine can best be described as Euro-Mozambican fusion.

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Guludo is an unique example of how integrating philanthropy into a tourism business can be successful. In an area where the life expectancy was not more than 38 years and 1 in 3 children didn't reach their 5th birthday, Guludo Beach Lodge has brought new hope for the local communities.  The Lodge, in partnership with their charity (Nema Foundation) have provided clean water to thousands, school meals for malnourished children, schools, mosquito nets, training on malaria, HIV,  sanitation and so much more.  If sustainable tourism, community involvement and Fair Trade principles are important to you, then Guludo Beach Lodge is the perfect destination.

Note that Guludo Lodge is very much an ECCO Lodge.  There is no running water or electricity in the chalets.  The bathrooms have a bucket shower and ecco toilet.  Water is provided at the basins for washing hands.  Light in the rooms is by candle light and lanterns.  The Lodge does not have a swimming pool. Please also remember that the low tide is quite visible at the Lodge and its not possible to swim in the sea at low tide.


The is normally reached by road transfer from Pemba Airport.  The approximate transfer time is between 3 - 3.5 hours.  It is also possible to transfer from Guludo Beach Lodge to Ibo Island by boat.

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