Diving the azure waters of Mozambique

Mozambique is fast becoming one of the most popular dive destinations in the world.  It's numerous unspoilt reefs and rich sea life lures divers to it's azure water each year.  The novice diver will be happy to know that there are several PADI Dive Centres throughout the country - in fact almost all the island / beach properties have a fully licensed PADI dive centre in house.  For the less adventurous, Mozambique offers many wonderful snorkeling sites where the beauty and variety of the coral reefs can be enjoyed.

wip-coralSome of the most popular dive destinations in Mozambique:

Ponta Mamoli

The south of Mozambique is well known as a popular scuba diving destination, especially among neighbouring South Africans.  A variety of dive sites, ranging from idyllic shallow dives to extreme deep blue dives (40 meters) and long range drift dives, are available in relative close proximity to the launch site at Ponta Mamoli.  The area is frequented by Humpback whales between July and November and Dolphins are regular visitors to the coastal waters.

Inhambane / Tofo

The area of Inhambane / Tofo is famous for the Whale Sharks and Manta Rays that favour the waters around this part of Mozambique.  The best time of year to see Whale Sharks is generally from November until April, however sightings of these beautiful creatures are good all year round.  As the area is home to the highest population of Whale Sharks in the world, there are various research projects based in Tofo to monitor and study these gentle giants.  Humpback Whales migrate through the coastal waters of Tofo / Inhambane in the winter months between May to October. 

Bazaruto Archipelago

In 2001 the Bazaruto Archipelago was proclaimed a National Park which meant that the wildlife and rich underwater sea life remains protected.  The warm waters around the islands are exceptionally rich in coral and marine life making the Archipelago a wonderful diving destination.  Whale Sharks can also be seen in the area, generally between April to July and Humpback Whales migrate through the Archipelago waters between August and October. 


Quirimbas Archipelago

The Quirimbas Archipelago is situated in the far north of Mozambique.  Its remote location is part of its magical offering as there are many undiscovered and unexplored dive sites and reefs in this Archipelago, consisting of approximately 30 separate coral islands.  The area has also been proclaimed a National Park, resulting in the protection of its rich and varied sea life and colourful coral reefs.  Several of the islands in the Archipelago are also known nesting sites for sea turtles. 

There are two properties that offer shore access for divers - Nuarro Beach Lodge which is situated north of Ilha de Mozambique and Azura at Quilalea, situated in the Quirimbas National Park.  The north of Mozambique is also generally known for its great wall diving experiences.  

General Note:
All certified divers: please remember to bring your certification card and/or log book with you when you come to dive in Mozambique!



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