First Whale Sightings of the Season

From Nuarro Beach Lodge, Ilha de Mozambique area:

"I am delighted to announce the whale watching season at Nuarro has officially started with the first sighting by guests from their breakfast table! From now until late November, we can enjoy regular breaching displays by nuarro_6these magnificent creatures as they protect and nurture their young calves in our sheltered bay.   It brings back happy memories of my 6 nights stay in October and the incredible experience of swimming with a mother and her calf and I wonder if any of the guests will be lucky enough to get the chance to do the same.    Most guests are content to watch these fantastic creatures and their incredible display of breaching in the bay from the comfort of their private verandah or with a drink in hand relaxing by the bar. However, the more intrepid have enjoyed kayaking and diving between them as they show their splendid yet gentle strength. "



Nov 14
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