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At Mozambique Voyages, we value our strong relationships with travel agents and tour operators. Our trade partners recognize that Mozambique, with a travel network still very much in development, is a specialist destination yet one that has so much to offer both on its own and in combination with other African safari destinations. Offering a unique combination of laid back luxury and some of the greatest conservation stories happening on the continent today, most African travel professionals will agree that Mozambique is going to be the hot destination in Africa over the next few years. Worldwide we have helped some of the best names in the African safari world craft amazing Mozambique programs, offering everything from access to exotic corners of Africa to Indian Ocean luxury on some of the best beaches in the world.UH_Team

Our staff compliment of dedicated reservations agents have spent their careers traveling throughout Mozambique and Southern Africa, and we are proud to say that each year our staff visits nearly every property in the country. Additionally, as the number one supplier to most properties in Mozambique, our rates are extremely competitive and we consistently can offer the best value for money on any Mozambique itinerary.

One of the most important reasons that Mozambique Voyages has grown from strength to strength and is recognized as the industry leader in Mozambique is because of owner of Mozambique Voyages, Martijn Mellaart’s passion and drive. He is very passionate about Mozambique as a destination; his second passion, of course, is providing professional and prompt service to his operators. He is very involved in the day to day running of the company and has traveled quite extensively throughout Mozambique. He willingly shares his wealth of information and personal experiences with the consultants in the office.

Please contact us here for more information and for a password to access our travel trade rates and further information on this site.




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